Introduction by Sharon Heal

Sharon Heal, 01.03.2017
The MA's director on the contemporary context for museums
This year has already shown that there is nothing more certain than the fact that we live in an age of instability and change.

Society faces big challenges, including Brexit and its implications; the rise of intolerance; and the impact of funding cuts. All of these issues affect museums and the communities that we work with.

The MA is campaigning for museums to be more radical, participatory and socially engaged – we understand that museums are trusted places where communities can come together and we know that they are needed now more than ever. We believe that museums, working in collaboration with their communities, can make a real difference, fostering tolerance, discussion and debate.

Everyone who works in and with museums will need the skills and training to meet these challenges and to ensure that museums are embedded at the heart of their communities.

The MA is committed to delivering professional development for the whole workforce, from those just beginning their career in museums to those in senior leadership roles. We know that learning and development can take place at any stage in our careers and that values worth fighting for will give us the courage to face up to the challenges ahead.


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