Visitor services

These are the front of house jobs that involve meeting and greeting, and making sure visitors have a good time.

Visitor services staff are often expected to take guided tours of the museum, staff the information desk, answer general inquiries, run the shop and the café. They may well have to work evenings and weekends.

In larger museums and galleries, tourism qualifications are often more useful for visitor services specialists than a museum studies qualification. But as with so many museum jobs in smaller museums, visitor services often ends up the responsibility of a curator, collections manager, education officer or other museum professional.

A recent advertisement in Museums Journal for a visitor services officer was looking for someone with sound management skills to run the museum service's conference, catering, retail and security sections. The successful candidate would also have marketing and promotional skills plus experience in a visitor attraction or museum/heritage site. It offered a salary of between £27,000 and £29,000.

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