Outreach worker

Many museums employ outreach workers to work outside the museum with local groups and communities. This could include ethnic minority groups, older people disaffected young people and other social groups that don't often visit museums.

An outreach worker's day might include designing and developing learning materials, setting up community exhibitions or taking artefacts out to the community. Good outreach work draws on similar skills as museum education and it often comes under the education department's remit. Primarily, you have to be able to get along with everyone. You will be working with a wide variety of different people - who don't necessarily think the way you do.

A museum in Scotland looking for an outreach worker wants someone who can develop partnerships with local groups and individuals and build new audiences for the museum. It requires someone with museum experience, a post-graduate qualification, a clean driving licence and the willingness to work outside normal hours. The salary range is just under £19,000 to £23,500.

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