Education worker

Museums succeed because they make learning fun. Increasingly museums have realised that they need specialist education skills to do this. So in recent years museums have become a good career option for people with teaching experience or qualifications. Museum educators work with all ages - primary and secondary school groups plus adult learners and teachers - using a mix of formal and informal teaching.

You could be organising workshops, lectures, holiday activities and learning events in the museum. Or you could be working in local schools and colleges. You might also find yourself developing teaching materials - such as work sheets and competitions - to be used either in the museum or back in the classroom.

Experience working with groups of people either as a teacher, youth worker or community worker is invaluable. For some jobs a teaching qualification is essential. A museum studies qualification is more likely to get you on the short-list too. Recent education vacancies include a small local authority museum that is looking for someone who is computer literate, has a knowledge of the national curriculum, a teaching qualification and museum experience. The salary range is £16,000 to £19,000.

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