Job description

This is an all-embracing term for someone with responsibility for a collection of objects, be it paintings, rocks, stuffed animals, tools, or anything else.

In a national museum you are likely to be a subject specialist with a detailed knowledge of the collection in your care. Much of your time will be spent researching and writing about that collection. A local or independent museum curator may also be an expert, but will have to perform a broader range of tasks including marketing, fundraising, working with schools and planning exhibitions. In smaller museums and galleries you could well be the person in charge.

A recent advertisement in Museums Journal for a curator looked for someone who would be able to lead a large team of volunteers, run educational events and manage the building, shop and the collection. All for £17,000 a year.

Another opening called for someone to develop, manage and promote museum services in a town in the South East. It was offering up to £29,000. However, the core task of a curator remains working with objects - acquiring, researching, storing and interpreting them for the public. In larger museums curators can also be called keepers.

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