Funding for postgraduate study

It's hard to get funding for postgraduate museum-studies courses, but help is available from a variety of sources:

· AHRC - Arts and Humanities Research Council: a highly competitive national awards system. Awards pay tuition fees and some living expenses.
Visit the AHRC website:

· If you live in Scotland you may be able to get support from the Students Awards Agency for Scotland, most likely for study at a Scottish university, such as the diploma in museum and gallery studies at St Andrews University.


· University bursaries - most universities have a limited number of bursaries that might pay tuition fees or a contribution towards books. You have to apply through the university.

· Other professional bodies will also help with a contribution to course costs. For example the Association of Art Historians (AAH) supports some museum-studies students through work placements.

Visit the AAH website:

· Some employers - especially local authorities - will pay for their high flyers to study part-time for a professional museum and gallery qualification. It's always worth asking.

· Overseas students can tap into other funding support such as the Overseas Student Scheme. Contact the international office of the university you wish to study at for more details.

· Sometimes it's easier to get funding to study at universities in the USA, but you'll need to do a lot of work to find out and apply

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