Museums and health: a wider view

Looking at museums from a public health perspective

Most approaches to museums and health are based on a treatment model – the provision of group activities delivered either by museum staff or health service partners which enhance the health and wellbeing of individuals.

This session takes a wider view, looking at what museums look like from a public health perspective, at population level health benefits of museum attendance, and at how museum culture needs to change to enhance health and wellbeing impact.

Jill Miller, Director of Cultural Services, Glasgow Life

Pete Seaman, Acting Director, Glasgow Centre for Population Health

Mark O’Neill, Director, Policy & Research, Glasgow Life

Duncan Dornan, Head of Glasgow Museums


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16.02.2017, 11:53
This is very interesting, but if we are 'really' trying to be inclusive then the presentations and this YouTube film should have subtitles at the very least. Its only when we have accessibility requirements as the baseline, that we will get anywhere with this.