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2014 March, 2009 October, 2004, 2004 November, 2007, Fundraising, Exhibitions and displays
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  • Cheap and cheerful
    Having tiny exhibitions budgets is the reality for most museums, but many find ways to make a little go a long way
    Museum Practice
  • The digitisation of the donation box
    Following a six-month trial, the National Funding Scheme's Donate platform has been launched nationally. Patrick Steel assesses whether the public will embrace the technology
    Museums Journal
    News analysis
  • Catalogue
    Sussex Modernism: Retreat and Rebellion
    Museums Journal
    117.04, p56-57, 01.04.2017
  • Temporary exhibition Star Wars Identities, The O2, London
    A new exhibition asks interesting questions about how character is formed – and about what makes a good exhibition
    Museums Journal
    117.04, p52-55, 01.04.2017
  • International opening
    National Centre for Contemporary Art, Santiago, Chile
    Museums Journal
    117.04, p36-37, 01.04.2017
  • Look East
    Bill Seaman, the manager of Colchester and Ipswich Museums, on Anglo-Saxon finds, diversification, art, video interviews, and big plans
    Museums Journal
    117.04, p32-35, 01.04.2017
  • Income support
    In the past only Gettys or Guggenheims had their names immortalised in museums. But now affordable sponsorship schemes allow ordinary visitors to show their support. Deborah Mulhearn investigates
    Museum Practice
    Winter 2004