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  • Up to 12m tonnes of plastic enter our oceans every year
    Reducing plastic
    With a little research and commitment, small changes can reduce plastic use and have long-term benefits for all
    Museum Practice
  • Making honey for money
    Keeping bees on-site can be rewarding and profitable, but you must have the right skills and equipment
    Museum Practice
  • Ethical sourcing
    Here’s how to go about sourcing ethical products for your museum shop
    Museum Practice
  • LTM licenses online retailer to produce and sell posters
    Museum also launches pop-up shop
    Museum Practice
    New Practice
  • Profile: Anna Terry
    Brands and advertising offer a glimpse into how consumer culture develops
    Museums Journal
  • HLF invests in the future
    New strategic framework introduces several pioneering changes
    Museums Journal
    News analysis