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2012 September, 1999 July, 2007 March, 2016 October, 2014, Museums Journal, Comment, Sustainability
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  • Books
    Art & Energy: How Culture Changes
    Museums Journal
  • Museums report financial benefit from being green
    But time and lack of funds are major challenges
    Museums Journal
  • On the move
    In the space of few years NĂªst Thomas has gone from working to save Gwynedd Museum from closure to unveiling ambitious plans to move it into a new home. Simon Stephens meets her
    Museums Journal
  • Is ACE fulfilling its rural obligations?
    The arts council's position statement says its approach to rural communities has evolved over the past 10 years, as it sets out a raft of initiatives. Gareth Harris reports
    Museums Journal
    News analysis
  • Sustainability debate is reignited
    Sector questions whether it could be more sustainable after arts council report reveals that museums use more energy than other cultural organisations. Gareth Harris reports
    Museums Journal
    News analysis