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  • Making a profit
    Finding ways to boost income is a fact of life today. Jane Morris looks at the best options, from retail to venue hire, and how to increase their profitability
    Museum Practice
    Autumn 2006
  • Commissioning retail products
    Commissioning products that trade on your name or your collection can be a great money-spinner. But it is a risky proposition for the uninitiated
    Museum Practice
    Autumn 2006
  • Case Study: a profitable shop
    Museum Practice
    Autumn 2006
  • Catering and cafes
    A cup of tea and a cake, or something more substantial, is a must after a visit. But making your cafe popular and profitable is a tall order
    Museum Practice
    Autumn 2006
  • Voxpop
    How can museums benefit from the Midlands Engine strategy?
    Museums Journal
    117.04, p17, 01.04.2017