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2005 June, 2013 July, 2016 July, 2004 February, 2018 September, Access and outreach, Exhibitions and displays, Sustainability, International
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  • Saying what can't be said
    How museum architecture can evoke strong emotional responses
    Museums Journal
    Museums Journal: blog
  • Mapped out
    The Met talks about the challenges associated with creating digital maps
    Museum Practice
  • Q&A: Deutsches Historisches Museum
    The Deutsches Historisches Museum shares its thinking behind a project that trains refugees as museum guides 
    Museums Journal
  • International opening: The Feuerle Collection, Berlin
    A new gallery showcases this collection of international contemporary art and imperial Chinese design, but does Berlin need another art space? Oliver Krug talks to its director, Désiré Feuerle, about how this one is different
    Museums Journal