Caroline Cutmore: entrepreneurialism

Transformers case study
Caroline Cutmore, Transformers participant and the sales and ticketing manager at the Royal Collection, was working at the National Portrait Gallery when she was accepted onto the Transformers programme. Her project idea was to devise a training package to support the learning team to embrace commercialism as part of their work.

However, in November 2014 and mid-programme, Caroline secured a new role at the Royal Collection and was no longer able to develop her idea for delivery at the National Portrait Gallery.

The Museums Association encouraged Caroline to scale the idea up and develop a training package for the sector, gearing it towards any organisation or team in need of embedding commercialism within their practice.

Caroline has subsequently teamed up with Peter Cooper, the visitor services manager at the Southbank Centre, and Hannah Ellams, the director of Wycombe Museum, to form Creative Transactions, a training provider that will help museums through the change journey needed to generate more income by removing the fear that sometimes exists around commercialism, and giving practical advice on commercialising activity without compromising the museum’s integrity.

They are now further developing the content and trying to ensure the course is flexible enough that it can help whatever stage the participants are at, be it scared of change and income generation, curious but unsure how to progress, or keen but lacking in practical tools.

The Museums Association was able to offer a top up on the micro-funding in order to enable them to continue developing the idea during 2015, by road testing it with museums across the UK.

The Creative Transactions team says: "We believe that every arts and heritage organisation has the skills and potential to generate income through all departments in exciting and creative ways, ensuring the sector is less reliant on funders and thus more resilient and autonomous.

"This course will deliver tangible methods to empower and inspire you and your team to unlock the potential of your assets."

Transformers is supported by CyMAL, Arts Council England and Museums Galleries Scotland:

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