Professional review

Share your experience and learning with professional reviewers
The AMA takes two to three years to complete (on average). You will be assessed by trained senior sector colleagues who review to a recognised standard.

The professional review is your opportunity to share your experience and learning with two professional reviewers.

The review lasts between 45-60 minutes. During that time the reviewers ask questions relating to the AMA criteria:

• Good understanding of and commitment to museums, their purpose and their work – this includes competencies in the self review
• Developed and maintained effective relationships within and beyond the workplace
• Developed critical thinking skills and application to issues facing the sector
• Developed and enhanced skills, knowledge and experience in a specific area
• Delivery of positive change
• Effective management of yourself, time and resources.

The professional reviewers will have reviewed your AMA paperwork:

• Application form
• CPD plans
• Final summary
• Updated self review
• Future CPD plan
• CPD log

They will also have read any references.

This will help them develop questions to ask you during the review.

In addition they will also ask other questions in response to your AMA project presentation and your ethical or topical issue – both of which you prepare in advance of the professional review.

As the professional review is the critical part of the AMA journey – additional guidance and support is made available. If you have any questions then please email

Links and downloads

AMA Summary Template (word)

AMA Professional Review paperwork (pdf)

AMA Professional Review (pdf)

AMA Professional Review payment form (word)