Interim summary

Make sure you are on track
The AMA is the longest running professional development award in the sector, widely acclaimed by the workforce and employers. Half way through the AMA we want to ensure you are on track – This is where the Interim Summary comes in.

The Interim Summary is completed at the end of the first year of your AMA. It enables you to look over the year to date, the progress made, the learning had and to set your next steps.

It helps focus your attention for your final AMA year as well as giving you an opportunity to complete paperwork that looks very similar to the paperwork for your Professional Review.

The Interim Summary asks you to reflect on your AMA journey to date and specifically comment on your progress by answering the following questions:

• What have I learned: about myself, my workplace, and the sector?
• What is the impact of this learning on my professional practice, workplace or sector?
• What do I still need to do – knowledge to acquire, skills to develop, experiences to accrue?

Your answers should build evidence in relation to the following:

• Good understanding of and commitment to museums, their purpose and their work – essentially all the 12 criteria in the Knowledge Journal
• Developed and maintained effective relationships within and beyond the workplace
• Developed critical thinking skills and application to issues facing the sector
• Developed and enhanced skills, knowledge and experience in a specific
• Delivery of positive change
• Effective management of yourself, time and resources

When you have completed the Interim Summary and it has been reviewed and approved by your mentor you send it to who will send it through for external verification.

Links and downloads

AMA Interim Summary template (word)

Writing Your CPD Plan (pdf)