Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire AMA Support Group

Who are we?

The Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire AMA Support Group is a forum which exists to help museum, gallery and other heritage professionals who are working towards the AMA in the region.

Who is the group for?

The group welcomes everyone, from those who are thinking about starting, to those who have made more progress on the AMA.

Members are welcome from across Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire, working in a wide variety of organisations and areas of interest.


Mel Price
Curator, Royal Logistic Corps Museum


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Tamsin Russell
Professional Development Officer, Museums Association
04.10.2016, 23:01
The AMA Support Groups are an excellent went of extending your knowledge of the different functions and roles of a museum. It enables you at second hand to meet and interview people that may have a remit for particular areas of the Knowledge Journal; as well as more broadly. So why not drop Isilda a line and see when the next meeting is.

For more help and support please contact us
Tamsin Russell
Professional Development Officer, Museums Association
19.09.2016, 15:56
I am really looking forward to attending the AMA Meeting on Friday 30th September. Please think of lots of questions to ask me!

I will be arriving early so if you want to have some 1:1 time we can book this in also.

Drop me a line
Tamsin Russell
Professional Development Officer, Museums Association
09.09.2016, 12:31
SSH AMA Support Group Meeting

Dear colleagues,

The next meeting is 30th September and will be kindly hosted by Charlotte Burford at Polesden Lacey.

For directions please visit this page:

Please find the agenda attached and copied below.

S,S and H AMA support group meeting
30th September, 1.30pm
Polesden Lacey


1.30pm Welcome and tour of Polesden Lacey

2.10pm Introductions and individual AMA progress updates

2.30 pm Skills share: Learning, engagement and access, Isilda Almeida-Harvey

3pm Topical discussion: The impact of Brexit on the heritage sector

4pm AOB and next meeting location

24.05.2016, 12:19
SE AMA support group meeting, 27th May, 1.30pm Watts Gallery


1.30pm Welcome and tour of the recently opened artists’ studio

2.10pm Introductions and individual AMA progress updates

2.20pm MA news

2.30 pm Skills share: International loans by Rhian Addison

3pm Topical discussion: funding (all meeting attendees contribute with a brief overview of funding in their organisation, including how they are governed and the opportunities and limitations experienced)

3.45pm AOB and next meeting location
Matthew Wood
MA Member
Assistant Curator, Royal Military Police Museum
21.04.2013, 14:09
Hello All

I have recently signed up to begin my AMA course so I thought I would introduce myself to the forum.

Currently I am about to begin the Knowledge Journal section before choosing a mentor.

Look forward to meeting you all

Charlotte Holmes
MA Member
Museum Development Officer, Museums Association
21.03.2013, 12:45
Dear Josephine, Please drop Isilda Almeida-Harvey
Email: a line and she will add you to the support group list.
Kindest regards

20.03.2013, 18:29
Is this group still active? I am contemplating embarking on the AMA. I could not get onto a course this Friday and the next is in June. There is a lot I could be getting on with in the meantime. I am also contemplating an MA and may not want to do both simultaneously. I have worked in a University gallery and looked after the University's art collection for the past 8 years.
10.04.2012, 14:00
I have my professional review booked and therefore will be hopefully completing my AMA this Summer. I am looking to hand over coordinating the Surrey, Sussex and Hants AMA support group so if you would be interested please do get in otuch.

Many thanks - Sue
10.04.2012, 13:59
Our recent meeting was held at Fishbourne Roman Palace and we looked at Collection Managment and the AMA work base project.

We will be meeting again in June Date and Venue to be confirmed.
04.09.2011, 16:09
Our next meeting will be at the Lightbox, woking on Thursday 27th October 1.00-4.30.

If you would like to join us please email Stephen or I, all are very welcome!

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, thoughts or comments! Best wishes
08.08.2011, 15:32
The Surrey Sussex and Hampshire AMA group had there second meeting of 2011 at Hampshire Museums Service HQ on June 7th 2011. Are two main topics were collection review process' and the AMA Professional Review.
19.01.2011, 14:40
Sorry about the formatting of the posting, it was all neat when I submitted it to the website!
19.01.2011, 14:38

The Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire AMA support group is re-launching!

On Wednesday 2nd March 2011 will be meeting at the National Museum of the Royal Navy in Portsmouth.

The meetings agenda is below, please feel free to join us!

11.30 – Tea/Coffee

12.00 – Group introductions, where we are with AMA, interests etc…

12.30 – National Museum of the Royal Navy case study – HLF Gallery project

1.00 – Lunch, provided by the MA

2.00 – Tour of the collection stores

3.00 – Speaker (to be confirmed)

3.30 – The groups’ way forward, sharing skills, next meetings

4.00 - End

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, thoughts or comments!

Best wishes

Susan Rhodes
Group coordinator
19.03.2010, 16:33
If anyone would like to flag up an event, or post a comment to the rest of the group, then now you can!