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Reflective, collaborative learning to enhance your career
The AMA is the longest running professional development award in the sector, widely acclaimed by the workforce and employers. The Knowledge Journal is your first step to on your AMA journey.

We want to ensure that the AMA is right for you and meets your needs. The Knowledge Journal describes 12 criteria that are developed over the course of your AMA and that are measured at the end-point Professional Review.

The Knowledge Journal enables you to familiarise yourself with the criteria, begin to reflect on your professional practice – reflection being the key element of any CPD scheme; and it records your current experience level which both ensures you are eligible and begins to inform the development of your CPD Plan.

The Knowledge Journal has the following 12 criteria:

1. The ethical responsibility of museums and galleries.
2. The purpose of museums; why museums develop and safeguard collections to enable inspiration, learning and enjoyment.
3. The role of museums: how museums develop and safeguard collections to enable inspiration, learning and enjoyment.
4. How museums develop their collections.
5. How museums develop knowledge of collections.
6. How museums and galleries use their collections to inspire learning and enjoyment.
7. How museums operate.
8. How museums develop and represent their audiences.
9. How museums have changed over time and how this has shaped the sector today.
10. The different types of museum governance.
11. The role and impact of sector related bodies, specialist groups and networks.
12. The impact of society on museums.

For each criterion there is a description of basic evidence and a description of good evidence. For example:

Criterion 1 - The ethical responsibility of museums and galleries.

Basic evidence description -

You are aware of the ethical responsibility of museums and can describe what museums ethics are and why museums need a Code of Ethics.

Good evidence description -

You can discuss, giving examples, how this ethical responsibility relates to your professional practice and/or your organisation.

To begin your AMA you need basic evidence in nine of the 12 criteria and good evidence in three.

The basic evidence is just that: a basic starting point from which to grow your knowledge. During the course of your AMA you will develop your basic experience to good experience and this development will be measured at the Professional Review.

For more detailed information look at our How to presentation, the template and worked examples.

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Writing your Knowledge Journal (pdf)

Knowledge Journal Template (word)