Pollie Shorthouse AMA

Executive director of the National Centre for Citizenship and the Law
I am executive director of National Centre for Citizenship and the Law (NCCL), part of the Egalitarian Trust, a charity that runs the Galleries of Justice Museum and the City of Caves in Nottingham.

The NCCL delivers public legal education in Nottingham at the museum, in London at the Royal Courts of Justice and in various courtrooms in Manchester.

I undertook the Associateship of the Museums Association (AMA) because my background is in education.

I am an English and drama teacher, and while I had applied my experience to create learning programmes for museums and heritage sites for four years, I wanted to develop my knowledge and skills about museums further through a structured learning programme that complemented and made sense of my work, rather than an additional academic qualification.

I completed my knowledge journal in 2010 and due to a number of reasons it took me until 2012 to start the two-year process.

I completed my AMA in July 2014 and received my certificate at the Museums Association Conference & Exhibition in Cardiff in October 2014.

The CPD plans focused my personal career aspirations and goals, and the activities I completed to achieve these helped improve my performance in my role at work.

As a result of the AMA I have developed a deeper understanding and appreciation of all areas of museums. The AMA support group helped develop an understanding of the variety of museums within the region, not only the collections and aims of the museums but how these are managed and the different problems each encounter.

I would highly recommend the AMA to others. Not only does it help with your role at work, it gives you the opportunity to focus on your personal aspirations and is a highly effective tool to help achieve these.