MA appoints South West representatives

Patrick Steel, 30.10.2017
Laura Walton and Liam Wiseman named as reps
The Museums Association (MA) is pleased to welcome Laura Walton and Liam Wiseman as MA representatives for South West England.

Representatives play a crucial role in helping the MA stay current with events across the four nations of the UK, shaping policy and connecting with members.

Walton is the chief executive of Harvey’s Trust in Hayle and is currently studying a part time Masters in Socially Engaged Practice in Museums. She has worked in the cultural sector for 16 years, joining the trust in 2006.

She says: “My passion lies in the belief that culture and art can be effective agents of positive change and that as museums have ‘cultural authority’ this puts us in a unique position in civic society to act as agents for positive change. In order to do this effectively we need to work in partnership, supporting each other and sharing best practice and knowledge.”

Wiseman is the heritage engagement manager at the Old Vic in Bristol and holds an MA in Heritage Management from Bath Spa University. He previously worked at the Holburne Museum, Exeter Cathedral, Stonhenge, and Avebury World Heritage Site, and is co-chair of the South West Emerging Professionals Group.

He says: “It’s a pleasure to be a part of one of the most active and responsible job sectors out there, and I look forward to working with each and every one of you.”

Sophie Lawson, the MA’s membership officers, says: “It is great to have Laura and Liam on board representing the MA in South West England.

“They both have a wealth of museum experience and a passion for networking and sharing ideas.

“The reps provide valuable regional feedback to the MA, which shapes our policy.

“I would encourage MA members to reach out and get to know their reps. It is always useful to keep in touch with what’s happening with other organisations and professionals in your area and MA reps are there to encourage and strengthen these local networks.”

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