Mathew Lowe, collections manager at the Zoology Museum in Cambridge, has been finding new exhibits to label while at home. Image: Mathew Lowe

All the information you need for #MuseumfromHome day tomorrow

Geraldine Kendall Adams, 29.04.2020
Full schedule and BBC live page now online
The countdown is on for tomorrow’s #MuseumfromHome event, when the BBC will host a whole day of content on social media, TV and radio focusing on the UK’s museums. The BBC's schedule of highlights (see below) and its dedicated live page are now online.

The Museums Association is calling on museums of all kinds across the UK to get involved. It’s an open brief - the aim is to showcase the wide range of activities museums have been doing while closed, whether it’s livestreams, films, memes, blogs, pictures or simply a great story. What are the ideas, collections, activities and exhibitions that you want to tell audiences about during the lockdown?

It will be a day of sharing – the idea is to get everyone talking about museums, be they curators or members of the public – so we're encouraging you to share your stories, your work and your ideas using the #MuseumFromHome hashtag.

We’ll be amplifying your digital content on our social media platforms throughout the day and covering the highlights in Museums Journal.

As part of our Museums Change Lives campaign, we’d particularly like to tell the public about some of the amazing work that museums have been doing to support people and communities during the lockdown. Share your examples of socially engaged practice with us via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Museum from Home: BBC schedule

  • 10.30am: Freelance museum consultants Dan Vo and Sacha Coward will welcome viewers to Museum From Home day. Cultural historian and presenter Janina Ramirez will also join to interview Sonia Solicari, director of the Museum of the Home, about Stay Home, their new project which is asking audiences to share their personal experiences of home life in lockdown
  • 12.00pm: Physicist and presenter Helen Czerski will be joined by experts from Royal Museums Greenwich to learn about how humans have communicated throughout history, including how we've communicated at a distance
  • 1pm: Jamie Craggs, aquarium curator at the Horniman Museum & Gardens, will talk about a unique project he works on - breeding coral - and his daily trips to feed it
  • 2.30pm: Quonya Huff, commercial and audience development manager from National Mining Museum Scotland, will be talking about the history of the mining community based around the Lady Victoria Colliery at Newtongrange near Edinburgh. Ben Paites, collections and learning curator at Colchester Castle, will show viewers the Colchester Museums store. Alexia Clark, documentation and collections officer at Stroud Museum in the Park, will broadcast from inside their collection store. Jess Turtle, co-founder of the Museum of Homelessness will join from the Homeless Taskforce, which is operating a food outreach hub in Islington and actively responding to the Covid-19 crisis. And Florence Schechter, director of the Vagina Museum, will describe what it's like to start a museum from scratch - only to then have to close it down.
  • 4pm: Ian Blatchford, the Science Museum Group director, will tell viewers more about the Science Museum's project to locate items for its coronavirus museum exhibition. He will be joined by Miranda Lowe, the principal curator, crustacea, at the Natural History Museum.


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30.04.2020, 08:23
The schedule will have been brought together at short notice, the BBC probably had to rely on who stepped up to the plate first and we all know the appetite for natural history. Less seriously there are a couple of very memorable names among the museum curators involved and that always helps with the media. More seriously Colchester have an amazing Roman and pre Roman collection. Really impressive and deserving of national recognition. The museum also has one of the best cafes for breakfast in the country just opposite.
29.04.2020, 21:44
Unfortunately, you wouldn’t expect anything different from the BBC!
29.04.2020, 19:37
I am really looking forward to seeing the content being shared as part of this initiative tomorrow but feel very disappointed that no Welsh museums feature in the BBC schedule above. If this is a truly national project highlighting work from across the UK's museums surely it is essential to include case studies from across the nations?
29.04.2020, 22:08
Given the challenges that museums, and the world, currently face, that strikes me as a rather trivial issue to raise
30.04.2020, 11:01
It would be interesting to know why, at a time of mass closure of museums, that you think it’s trivial for museums from Wales to want to feel acknowledged and advocated for? Charlotte’s comments were wholly supportive of the event but wanting more cohesive representation of ALL museums from ALL nations.
30.04.2020, 10:48
No, it really isn't a trivial issue to raise. Given the challenges Welsh museums and their communities are facing at the moment makes it important that they are as represented in national content about museums as the other nations of the UK are within it. On the schedule and the BBC highlights all 3 other nations are included. It's public broadcasting 101 to include at least something from all four nations.
Victoria Rogers
President, Federation of Welsh Museums