Maintain Renaissance funding and free entry to nationals, incoming president will say

Patrick Steel, 28.09.2010
Vanessa Trevelyan will use conference address in Manchester to send message to government
Speaking next Monday evening at the Museums Association Conference and Exhibition 2010 in Manchester, Trevelyan will use her address to highlight the needs of the sector on the eve of a keynote by the culture minister Ed Vaizey.

“Most of the recent successes of museums in England have been possible because of increased central-government revenue funding through Renaissance,” she will say.

“Given the relatively small amounts invested in the museum sector as a whole, reductions will contribute little to savings targets, but even a few thousand pounds lost to museums can mean the end of valuable programmes and have a disproportionate impact on front-line services.”

Museums have a long track record in attracting philanthropic giving, she will tell Conference, but it cannot fill the gaps that public spending cuts will expose.

She will also stress the importance of good political relationships and of joint partnership working, calling for better use of collections and increased sharing of skills and knowledge.

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