Free access for institutional members to Find a museum

Patrick Steel, 28.01.2015
Staff at member organisations can access data online
The Museums Association (MA) is now offering its online Find a museum search as part of institutional membership, so staff at MA institutional member organisations and their branches have free access to the data.

Find a museum is the sector’s most comprehensive listing of museums, galleries, heritage sites and related organisations in the UK.

Any user of the MA website registered with the address of a member organisation can now log in to access data on over 2,760 museums, galleries, heritage sites and related organisations, and over 12,000 staff across museum departments. Registration for the website is free.

The organisation data can be filtered by collection type, location, and facilities, while staff data can be filtered by job title, department and museum name.

The MA’s head of sales and marketing, Will Adams, said: “We are really pleased to be able to include access to Find a museum as a new institutional membership benefit, and to extend it to all staff at member institutions.

“This new benefit adds yet more value to the annual institutional membership fee and saves organisations money on additional subscriptions.

“Find a museum is more precise, more flexible and much quicker than using the previous printed version.

“The online service allows us to offer our members and subscribers an up-to-date guide to museums throughout the UK.

“This new member benefit was previously a subscriber-only service that cost an organisation £345 per year. It coincides with the MA’s decision to cease publishing its printed Museums & Galleries Yearbook and instead focus on expanding the data available online.

“As before, Find a museum will still be available to all individual members and non-members for a subscription fee.”


Find a museum