Deadline approaching for ethics consultation

Geraldine Kendall, 28.01.2015
A chance to have your say on the revised code of ethics
The 13 February deadline for the Museums Association’s (MA) ethics consultation is fast approaching.

The online consultation is part of the MA’s ongoing review of the code of ethics. The code, which was partially updated in 2007 but has not been revised in full since 2002, sets out guiding ethical principles for all who work for or govern museums in the UK.

The review aims to ensure that the code of ethics is relevant to modern museum practice and encompasses museums’ ethical responsibilities to visitors and the public.

The online consultation explores a wide range of issues, from technological change to museums’ role in society, international partnerships, human rights, workforce diversity and sponsorship.

The MA is keen to hear the views of as many people in the sector as possible before the consultation closes, from both an individual and institutional perspective.

The MA’s policy officer, Alistair Brown, said: “We have already had lots of interest in the review of the code of ethics from every part of the museum community, from volunteers to curators to directors.

“But we want to make sure that everyone’s voice is heard in the debates that we are having on different areas of museum ethics. So whether you’re interested in social media, disposal of items from collections or the social impact of museums, I’d ask everyone to participate and take the time to respond to the consultation.”

The MA expects to publish the revised code of ethics later this year.

A number of museum professionals have outlined changes they’d like to see to the revised code in our series of ethics vox pops. Don’t miss the chance to have your say - fill out the online consultation by 13 February.


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