Althea Efunshile, the arts council's chief operating officer

Do you have a question for Arts Council England?

Patrick Steel, 27.09.2011
Mark Taylor to put questions to ACE chief operating officer
A session at the Museums Association Conference and Exhibition on Tuesday 4 October will look at the new Renaissance landscape and the changes to the scheme under Arts Council England (ACE).

At the session MA director Mark Taylor will be in conversation with ACE representatives led by Althea Efunshile, the arts council's chief operating officer.

Whether you can make it to Brighton or not we are interested to hear what questions you would like Mark to put to ACE. 

Please post any suggestions in the comments box below before noon on Monday 3 October, or tweet questions to #museums2011

The session takes place at 9am on Tuesday in Auditorium 2 at The Brighton Centre.

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Keith, Director, Woodhorn
MA Member, MJ Subscriber, MP Subscriber
30.09.2011, 11:34
Why should designation exist at all? It doesnt in other ACE funded art forms. Just having a so-called "important collection" doesnt make an excellent museum.
30.09.2011, 10:59
Should ACE be looking beyond collections to designating museums who display excellence in other areas such as education?
29.09.2011, 06:51
Does ACE operate an ethical investment policy with regard to where it invests it's own funds and in relation to the individuals and organisations it invests in? If so what is it?
MA Member
28.09.2011, 10:22
I would like to ask why decisions about the MDO provision isn't due to be announced until the new year, when many will have already received redundancy notices for their organisations for the March end of contract? Surely museum development is at the heart of what new renaissance is about and our MDOs are vital for grass roots support during this time?