MA encourages members to comment on consultation into financial resilience

Patrick Steel, 27.09.2010
Report argues for national policy and support framework to build financial resilience of cultural sector
According to the consultation document, called Capital Matters, and published by Mission Models Money: “We need a new forward looking, national, long term policy and support framework to help secure financial resilience in the not for profit arts and cultural sector.

Among its recommendations are, “action which supports arts and cultural organisations in making the shift from a subsidy to an investment mindset through the development of appropriate, high quality advice and support, information and tools”.

Maurice Davies, the MA’s policy and communications officer, said: “The basic view of the report is that organisations are undercapitalised. The report is about different ways that organisations could be funded and different sources of business advice that arts organisations could go to.

“It should open people’s eyes to a range of funding options beyond local authority grants and lottery funding.”

The MA is encouraging members to respond the the consultation document.




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