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Taskforce calls for national and local investment in Northern Ireland museums

Patrick Steel, 26.04.2017
Fears that pressure on public finances will lead to reduced support for museums
The Museums Taskforce Northern Ireland sub-committee has set out a series of recommendations to government, funders and the sector, calling for national and local investment, a strategic approach to funding and service provision, and the development of a case for cultural giving at regional level.

“Many local authorities continue to invest and work in partnership with other museums in their area,” the report states. “However, future pressures on public finances, such as Brexit, loss of EU funding and NI Assembly issues may mean that some authorities may have to reduce their support.

“In some cases this may lead to closure of museums, non-replacement of staff or a reduction in opening hours, programming and public access. Reductions in public finances could leave local authorities less able to fund non-statutory services such as museums.”

Elaine Hill, a member of the taskforce sub-committee and the development officer for Mid and East Antrim Borough Council, says: “There are many financial pressures facing local museums in Northern Ireland.

“A strategic approach, working in partnership with others, would help museums find a sustainable way forward and ensure services continue to be relevant to the communities which they serve.”

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