MA calls for tax relief to be extended to permanent exhibitions

Patrick Steel, 25.10.2016
Museums encouraged to respond to government consultation
The Museums Association (MA) is calling for tax relief to be extended to permanent exhibitions, which would give a boost to a number of small and medium-sized museums, and urging museums to respond to the government’s consultation.

The consultation document, which follows this year’s budget announcement of a new tax relief for museums and galleries from April 2017, proposes that the relief should apply only to temporary and touring exhibitions.

“This tax credit could be a real boost for the UK’s museums but only temporary exhibitions will qualify under the current proposals, and that means that a huge number of small and medium-sized museums will miss out, said Alistair Brown, the MA’s policy officer.

“The government will be missing an opportunity to support the very museums which have suffered most from public sector cuts.

“The MA is working with other sector bodies to make the case for permanent exhibitions to qualify for the new tax relief, and we will keep members updated on our progress.”

The consultation closes on 29 October.

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