MA relaunches Monument Fellowship scheme

Patrick Steel, 25.10.2012
Scheme includes range of museum-specific specialisms
With funding from Arts Council England, the Welsh Government and Museums Galleries Scotland, the Museums Association is launching a new round of Monument Fellowships, with 10 Fellowships in England, four Fellowships in Scotland and one Fellowship in Wales.

In a change from previous rounds, the MA is extending the programme beyond collections knowledge, to other museum-specific specialisms such as learning and exhibitions.

The new Fellowships are designed to enable retired museum specialists to work with former colleagues, their successors and the wider museum community to share and develop knowledge and skills, and are open to any Accredited museum in England, Scotland and Wales. 

Host museums will have to demonstrate that the project is closely linked to their core objectives and priorities and is part of an organisation-wide commitment to developing and sharing skills and knowledge. Fellows will also be expected to spend some of their time sharing their knowledge with the wider museum community.

Fellowships will be 30 days in length, typically spread over about 6 months, and Fellows will receive a daily fee of £100. 

Caitlin Griffiths, the Monument Fellowship Coordinator, said: "In this round of Monument Fellowships we are trying something new, we are hoping to test out whether this type of approach can work for other areas of museum practice. 

"In the past the Fellowships have focused on collections related knowledge but this time we are opening it up to other areas such as learning, exhibitions or community engagement for example.

"We still want applications for collections-related Fellowships but we also want to encourage people who work in other museum fields and are about to retire and have knowledge to pass on to colleagues to consider applying. It will be exciting to see the projects that people come up with."

Applications must be received by Friday 7th December 2012.