Join our #MAManaginginCrisis Facebook group

Geraldine Kendall Adams, 24.06.2020
A safe space for museum leaders, managers and supervisors to connect and share insights
As the museum sector navigates the Covid-19 crisis, we are launching #MAManaginginCrisis, a Facebook group for museum leaders, managers and supervisors.

The group is open to both MA members and non members, and aims to give those in positions of leadership a safe, private space to connect, engage and share insights, information and learning during a time of crisis.

We hope #MAManaginginCrisis will help you feel supported ethically, effectively and empathetically, and give you the confidence to lead, manage and supervise your team through the experience of being furloughed, working from home, returning to work and dealing with the issues raised by potential redundancy. 

MA professional development officer Tamsin Russell said: “In May we launched our support group for furloughed individuals and those who have been unable to freelancer or volunteer as a result of Covid-19.

“The aim of this group was to create a safe and confidential space for group support by sharing things that have been helpful, asking questions, signposting resources or information.

“We had a number of requests from managers who wanted to join to help them understand how best they could support their own furloughed staff – this demonstrated for us a gap in provision and support and so we have now launched a group for leaders, managers and supervisors – we hope to be able to support them support their teams.”