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Taskforce calls for strategic approach to funding Welsh museums

Nicola Sullivan, 24.05.2017
Concerns raised that public funding cuts will hit museum services in poor areas
The Museums Taskforce Wales sub-committee has called for the Welsh government to develop a strategic approach to museums and how they are funded, amid fears that reductions in public funding may mean local authorities in poor areas will not be able afford museum services.

The committee has published a series of recommendations to government, funders and the sector, highlighting the need for national and local investment, a strategic approach to funding and service provision, and the development of a case for cultural giving at a regional level.  

The statement on museum funding has also recommended that: local authorities should allow museums to operate freely so they can innovate and secure new income streams; government and strategic agencies should target cross-departmental funds to support partnership working at a national a local level; and lottery and government funding should be used strategically and directed towards developing museums and galleries that already exist.
Sharon Heal, the director of the Museums Association, said: "Museums in Wales have shown that they can make a significant contribution to tackling poverty and improving children's life chances through the Fusion programme but they need sustained public funding to do that. 

“The MA welcomes this statement and supports the case for investment in museums in Wales and the need for a strategy for museums.”

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