MA proposes significant changes to membership structure

Simpler structure with new benefits
Following extensive consultation with members, the Museums Association (MA) is proposing significant changes to its membership structure, simplifying the process and introducing new benefits.

The proposals include a cheaper entry level membership, retaining the current concessionary rates for student, retired, unwaged, and volunteer members, and providing significantly cheaper access to the MA’s professional development programmes, recognising that current costs can be prohibitive.

It also adds new benefits, such as free online training for members, and the introduction of monthly direct debit payment plans to spread the cost of membership. A new website and digital package will also be launched in 2019.

The proposed institutional membership changes offer a more inclusive rate for more smaller museums. There are also new benefits – in particular, the offer of free recruitment advertising to all institutional members, potentially saving considerable expenditure. Alongside these changes the MA plans to improve its service and communications to ensure all individuals and institutions get the most out of their membership.

Paddy Gilmore, the head of programmes at National Museums Northern Ireland and a trustee of the MA, says “This is about making membership of the MA more in tune with the needs of a modern membership organisation, aligning it with the requirements of our members.

“These proposals would hugely benefit our individual members, clarify the offer for institutional members, and encourage more individuals and museums to take part in the MA’s activities.”

MA members will have a chance to vote on these changes, as well as sign off on the annual report and accounts at the MA’s AGM, which will be held on Thursday 8 November at 2pm in the Auditorium of the Belfast Waterfront conference centre.

The MA encourages all members to vote in the AGM. Any members unable to come to Belfast can nominate a proxy to vote for them (details below).


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25.10.2018, 19:32
Can someone explain to me the CPD cost side of things in the new structure? I'm a volunteer but also doing AMA and the chart with AGM makes it look like the AMA isn't open to those in my category.
29.10.2018, 10:12
Dear Stephen
Thanks you. I have just responded to your email in more detail, but in short: yes, in the proposed structure the AMA is definitely open to volunteers - and hopefully more accessible.
Best wishes