Have you completed the MA's Museums Survey?

Patrick Steel, 28.09.2017
Complete the MA's UK-wide survey on the current state of the museum sector
The Museums Association (MA) has launched a new UK-wide Museums Survey.

Museums of all sizes and types are urged to complete the survey in order to build a comprehensive picture of current state of the museum sector across the UK.

The survey comes at an important moment for museums, with a wide range of sector reviews ongoing across the UK.

The data it provides will be used to inform national and regional policy and advocacy work by the MA, UK museum strategy and budget-setting across all four nations.

The survey is short and will be easy to complete by a member of staff with a good overview of their museum’s work, ideally a manager.

The questions cover: type of museum; visitor numbers and engagement; museum finances; volunteers and staff; education work; and challenges and opportunities for the future including Brexit.

The MA’s policy officer Alistair Brown said: “Filling in this survey is one of the best ways that a museum can contribute to regional and national advocacy efforts.

“The data from this survey helps us to send a clear message to policy-makers about the valuable work that museums do and the challenges and opportunities that the sector faces.”

The deadline for the survey is the end of 29 November 2017.

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Sheila Sim
Visitor Services Officer, East Lothian Council
27.10.2017, 11:14
At East Lothian Council Museums Service we manage and/or oversee six museums. The questions in your Museums Survey questionnaire are geared towards a single museum response, but our six museums have completely different characteristics. Rather than complete the survey six times, should we just pick one museum?
Alistair Brown
Policy Officer, Museums Association
27.10.2017, 14:43
Hi Sheila,
It would be best if you could fill it in once for the whole service i.e. but appreciate that this is difficult for some questions. We'll look at how we word questions for larger museums services in next year's version of the survey. Do give me a call if you want to discuss.