Antônio Vieira, the director of Museu da Maré in Rio, Brazil

Museums Change Lives available in three languages

Nicola Sullivan, 22.09.2015
Report now available in Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic
Literature for the Museums Association’s (MA) Museums Change Lives campaign has been translated into three languages.  

The report outlining MA’s vision for the social impact of museums is now available in Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic.

Among the topics addressed in the report are how museums can enhance wellbeing, create better places and inspire people and ideas.

Alistair Brown, the MA’s policy officer, says: “Many museums around the world are doing pioneering work on social impact, so it’s really important to establish a dialogue with museums and to share expertise across borders.

We hope that making translations of Museums Change Lives available in different languages will help to open up new conversations and allow us to learn from one another, and we’re always keen to hear about how museums outside the UK are delivering social impact.”

Museums Change Lives aims to encourage people working in museums to increase their impact; encourage funders to help museums to become more relevant to their audiences and communities; and highlight partnerships that could increase social impact.

Links and downloads

Museos Cambian Vidas (pdf)

Museus mudam a vida das pessoas (pdf)

المتاحفتغير حياة الناس (pdf)