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MA announces speakers for Digital Basics Boot Camp

Alex Stevens, 21.11.2018

Improve and expand your digital skills 

The Museums Association (MA) has announced the speakers for its Digital Basic Boot Camp, a one-day conference that will help people improve their essential digital skills. 

The conference will be held at Manchester’s Science and Industry Museum on 29 January. Speakers will include digital producer Jane Audas, digital consultant Mike Ellis, and analytics and user research specialist Chris Unitt.

The programme will cover practical and strategic approaches to social media; identifying and creating effective online content for museums; measuring the success of online activities with tools including Google Analytics, surveys and user testing; and a digital surgery, where delegates will be able to submit questions to be answered by the day’s speakers. 

Understanding analytics is crucial for anybody involved in online activities, says Unitt. “It tells you if people are responding to your website, or if you’re shouting into the void,” he says. 

“Google Analytics is great on the what’s happening, but more qualitative activity is really useful for the why. A lot of museums don’t do surveys or user testing, and it is a lot simpler than people might realise.” 

Unitt’s session will present ways in which museums can better understand their audiences in order to use their resources more effectively.

This event is aimed at any museum professional who wants to improve their digital skills and gain the confidence to pursue their own digital projects.

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