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MA calls for closer links between education and culture policy

Patrick Steel, 23.07.2014
MA responds to consultation into young people and the arts
Responding to the Labour party’s policy review consultation around young people and the arts, the Museums Association (MA) has called for closer links between education policy and cultural policy, particularly in the curriculum.

England could learn from other parts of the UK, the MA suggests: in Scotland the curriculum is dependent on outside learning, while culture and heritage bodies in Wales are working together to broaden access and participation to culture in ways that contribute to reducing poverty.

The MA’s response also calls for a culture strategy for local authorities and a commitment to maintaining levels of funding and support for museums and galleries.

In addition the MA would like to see publicly-funded organisations have one trustee with specific responsibility for cultural learning.

The MA’s Cuts Survey 2013 found that nearly a third of museums saw a decrease in the number of school visits, with some respondents concerned that the most disadvantaged among their audience would be the most impacted.

The MA addresses this in its response, saying: “Local provision of services near to where young people live and go to school is vital. Supporting and ensuring adequate funding of local and regional museums and galleries is fundamental to guaranteeing that all young people have access to rich cultural experiences.

“However, funding alone is not enough. Museums and galleries need to be publicly committed to providing accessible cultural learning opportunities and to engaging with all young people in their local communities, not just those that already visit.”


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