The #MuseumfromHome hashtag was started by museum consultants Dan Vo and Sacha Coward. Image: Dan Vo @DanNouveau

Are you ready for BBC #MuseumFromHome event on 30 April?

Alistair Brown, 21.04.2020
A whole day of content on social media, TV, and radio dedicated to the UK's museums
The Museums Association (MA) is calling for museums across the UK to participate in a BBC Arts' Culture in Quarantine event called #MuseumFromHome on 30 April. The event will be a whole day of content on social media, TV and radio focusing on the UK’s museums, and we want you and your museum, gallery or archive to be involved too.

The BBC – working in partnership with the MA, Art Fund and National Museum Directors' Council – will host and highlight social media content from museums, galleries and archives via the BBC Arts website and across other BBC programmes and accounts.

We want you to share what you’ve been working on in your museum, whether that’s livestreams, films, memes, blogs, pictures or simply a great story. What are the ideas, collections, activities and exhibitions that you want to share with audiences during the lockdown?

It doesn’t have to be hi-tech – anyone can join in. By using the hashtag #MuseumFromHome on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms, you can make sure that your content will be available to the BBC to be promoted to a wide audience.

The BBC will endeavour to highlight as much of this content as possible across its platforms throughout the day, and it will also be promoted by the MA and other #MuseumFromHome partners.

There is huge public appetite for engagement with museums on social media at present, and this event will build on many of the other social media initiatives that have been so successful in recent weeks.

It will be a day of sharing – the idea is to get everyone talking about museums, be they curators or members of the public – so we're encouraging you to share your stories, your work and your ideas using #MuseumFromHome.



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29.04.2020, 12:51
As a furloughed curator I have been missing the diversity and stories held within the museum collections that I look after. So much so and in order to keep my 'curatorial' muscles in shape and to satiate my need to order things I have been curating the contents of our house. These collections appear daily on Instagram (eoconnor979) , so far I have tackled my husbands collection of very important DYI stuff - (a reference collection often referred to but never used) and numerous others including the colour orange, pencils, the board games, the sewing box, tubes, beach pebbles, matchbooks and boxes, feathers - the list goes on. The 'project' has certainly made me look at the contents of our house in a different way, it reminds me daily that we collect, keep and cherish objects to stimulate discovery, to tell a story, to connect with our past and with each other.
28.04.2020, 17:44
Since closing our gates, we have been reaching out to audiences online. We have created a central list of learning resources on our website with interesting flying and technology such as a tour of the International Space station, videos on how aircraft fly, how helicopters and gliders work or how to start a jet. We have set up a fun Wing Wednesday aircraft model challenge on twitter and facebook - for young and old - which is becoming increasingly popular. We are also giving access inside our most prized collection item – the Halifax Bomber – through a 360 VR tour. As we will be missing our big VE Celebration weekend, we brought forward our plans for launching our Museum podcast and collaborated with Time and Again Theatre who were meant to perform their play Greyhounds for us on the Day. We look forward to taking part in #MuseumFromHome on Thursday.
28.04.2020, 16:30
I have been looking through museum archives and researching the weird and wonderful connections to Rustington. So far results include a mosquito collected from Rustington in the NHM, a de Morgan tile and 3 ships called Rustington. All the research is being put up on the Facebook page:
28.04.2020, 09:53
We have been posting a video each day on Godalming Museum's Facebook page - working our way approximately chronologically through the history of the town and surrounding area to create a virtual version of the museum. Steep learning curve but it has been great to stay in contact with our community
27.04.2020, 17:22
Each week since we closed our Museums we have been featuring parts of exhibitions which have unfortunately not been able to go ahead. This week we are featuring previous music memorabilia exhibitions which have taken place at the Kirriemuir Gateway to the Glens Museum as it would have been a large music festival this weekend. We are reaching out to AC/DC fans to show us their collections.
27.04.2020, 13:12
We have some volunteers producing learning activity packs on a new theme each week which are shared on our facebook page
27.04.2020, 11:50
The History of Advertising Trust, the biggest archive of british advertising in the world would love to be involved.We're still open for research, education and broadcast enquiries and also working on the promotion of a reminiscence resource app - Ad-Memoire for use in care homes and organisations - particularly helpful for carers during lockdown - see here and a new series of podcasts.
We'll look forward to sharing more of our work and our online collections.
Keep safe!

27.04.2020, 08:41
The Holburne Museum in Bath will be celebrating #MuseumsFromHome across our social media and virtual groups. We've had some steep technological learning curves but are so excited by the possibilities and creative ingenuity of museums across the UK! Our virtual weekly art group has grown from 20 to 150 people and we're seeing how our community partnerships really do matter right now - museums ARE at the heart of their communities.
More info here
24.04.2020, 16:42
Here at the Museum of Design in Plastics - based at Arts University Bournemouth - we are really looking forward to joining in on the 30th and sharing our online collections, exhibitions and blog posts. We have lots to offer!
24.04.2020, 14:38
We will definitely be up for this, already doing a lot of social media using #MuseumsFromHome engaging people with our and their collections, look forward to it.
23.04.2020, 22:59
Poole Museum would love to be involved with this!
We're adding creative lockdown activities and resources to a new #MuseumFromHome section of our website.
and been using #MuseumFromHome for our social media posts to direct people to new content. We look forward to participating on 30th April.
22.04.2020, 16:17
The Scottish Maritime Museum is most defiantly interested. The Museum 'We Are Still Open' page > which has further links to our online tours including the popular 3D Collections and unique Oral History recordings.
22.04.2020, 16:09
If museums and heritage organisations are presenting films, tweeting, and using images, particularly under the #MuseumFromHome. This is a key opportunity to reach out to all audiences who are self-isolating by showing inclusive practice in social media.

This is absolutely vital now and in the future as part of an overall inclusive comms strategy and plan. To miss out will confirm preconceptions of museums to many as exclusive spaces when we need to be engaging with wider participation and growth throughout the lockdown, and post lockdown.

DCN has key information here and ready to support organisations in getting this right. Link here: Do get in touch via @museumDCN or
22.04.2020, 15:00
We will certainly participate at Royal Crown Derby Museum - asking our followers to share their Royal Crown Derby Collections From Home