Evidence sought on value of partnerships

Geraldine Kendall, 21.01.2015
Questionnaire to evaluate the pros and cons of partnership working
Culture at King’s, the culture department at King’s College London, is seeking evidence from cultural organisations on the value of partnership working.

The university launched a cultural enquiry into partnership working in collaboration with the BBC in October 2014. As part of its research, King's is asking culture professionals to respond to an online questionnaire and share their experiences of both the benefits and challenges of partnerships.

The enquiry defines partnership as “a working relationship between two or more organisations in which both the risks and benefits are shared with the shared aims of delivering tangible benefits to the partners and the public”.

It aims to address questions such as: how partnerships support the strategic aims of cultural organisations; what role they play in engaging and serving broader audiences; whether they bring additional value for money; and what they mean for practitioners.

“To survive and thrive in today’s economy, the cultural sector needs to constantly re-evaluate what works and develop new and imaginative approaches and solutions,” said Deborah Bull, the director of cultural partnerships at King’s.

“This enquiry aims to bring academic rigour and insight to that process, providing an opportunity for the sector to look at its challenges through a different lens.”

Culture at King’s will use the questionnaire’s responses to identify the themes of the enquiry, select case studies and interview candidates for its research.

The survey is the third in an ongoing series of cultural enquiries undertaken by King’s that aim to provide a neutral space where the culture sector can discuss common concerns and benefit from academic expertise.


Online questionnaire