MA makes the case for Renaissance consultation

Patrick Steel, 20.12.2010

Transfer of MLA functions to ACE discussed at meeting between Mark Taylor and Alan Davey

Mark Taylor, the director of the Museums Association (MA), met with Alan Davey, the chief executive of Arts Council England (ACE), on Friday last week.

Taylor said: “ACE has had to wrangle with the Department for Culture, Media and Sport about how much money it would receive to administer museums and libraries.
“The worrying thing is that with around £2.6m to administer museums and libraries, it is a lot less than the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA) had.

“The real challenge is getting the resources together, and we need to work out what ACE will and will not have the capacity to do.

“ACE will be continuing Renaissance, Designation, Accreditation and the other main areas of MLA’s work, but the most important thing is its strategic role, providing strategic leadership for the museum sector in England and advising to the government, and we need to make sure that it has the resources to do that.

“I made the case at the meeting for the need to have the resources in place before changing the structure of Renaissance, and I believe ACE understands the need for consultation with the sector on this.

“There is a worry that the tight budget means the temptation is to use Renaissance money for core funding, and we have to make sure the temptation to do that is resisted.

“I will be meeting with representatives from ACE in January to talk over the MLA integration in more detail, but I came away from the meeting on Friday with a degree of confidence that museums will not just be bolted on to their existing work, but integrated with the necessary degree of commitment.”

Questions for Alan Davey

Last week we asked our members to send us questions for Mark Taylor to put to Alan Davey at the meeting.

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