Janet Ulph is currently undertaking an Arts & Humanities Research Council fellowship at the Museums Association

Do you have a question about the MA's draft due diligence guidelines?

Geraldine Kendall, 21.06.2012
MA fellow to speak at Open Culture conference
The Museums Association’s visiting fellow, Janet Ulph, is to give a talk next week about the recently published draft due diligence guidelines for disposal by sale at the Open Culture conference in London.

Ulph, who is professor of commercial law at Leicester University, will join a panel of experts in the Significance, Relevance and Resilience session at the conference, which is organised by the Collections Trust.

The session, on Wednesday 27 June, will look at how the long-term future of museums, archives and libraries depends on delivering services that are "meaningful, educational and inspiring to the widest possible audience".

Ulph’s presentation takes place at 2.25pm. She said: “This session will look back at the work achieved in making collections management more democratic and representative and encourage delegates to think about future strategies to ensure their collections remain relevant.”

A Q&A session will enable attendees to put forward questions to Ulph about the draft Due Diligence guidelines, which are open to public consultation until 30 July.

Ulph collaborated with the Accreditation team at Arts Council England (ACE) to draw up the guidelines. They set out an ethical framework for museums to follow when considering selling items from their collections.

Ulph said she would be at the conference throughout the day and would be happy to answer questions and listen to feedback at any point.