MA website redesigned for mobile

Patrick Steel, 19.05.2015
Responsive design easier to use for mobile devices
The Museums Association (MA) has changed the design of its website to make it easier to read and access on mobile devices.

The website will automatically detect the device you are using and the page will resize according to the size of your screen.

Mobile users can navigate the site by using the three bar menu icon or the search magnifying glass at the top of their screen, and can access members-only areas by clicking on the login icon.

Advanced search options are available across all platforms, with the facility to sort and filter search results by section, date, area of work and location.

The MA’s head of commercial activities, Will Adams, said: “An increasing number of the Museums Association’s website users are accessing the site on a mobile device.

“These changes will make a huge difference to those users, with a simplified layout and easy-to-navigate menu and search options.

“It is now easier than ever for mobile users to access all of the great content from the Museums Association, including jobs, events, best practice from Museum Practice, and news, features, and reviews from Museums Journal.”


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24.08.2015, 12:24
Nice work, always good to see implementation of a responsive site in the sector!
Rosie Daswani
MA Member
02.06.2015, 13:37
Any possibility of an app? I'm now in a country where internet is slow..and an app would really help..a good design is the guardian.
Patrick Steel
MA Member
Website Editor, Museums Association
02.06.2015, 14:18
Hi Rosie -

Thanks very much for your message. We are designing an app for our conference in Birmingham but have no plans currently to roll it out to other parts of the website.

We regularly have conversations about how we can best reach our members in the UK and around the world and an app is something that has come up and may well be something that we revisit in future. Our first priority though was to make our website accessible across as many platforms as possible.

All best,