Local Government National Indicator Set Technical Handbook - MA response to consultation document

National Indicator Number: N10

Indicator Issue

1. Is the Technical Definition of this indicator clear?



a. What aspects of the technical definition of the indicator are unclear? Please specify clearly

- is it in relation to the measurement method, or
- on reporting

b. Please suggest how the template can be clarified/improved.

It is not clear what is meant be a 'visit'. People can experience a museum service in a variety of ways, not just by entering the physical building.

They can visit a museum web-site, have the museum come to them through outreach, visit an 'outsite' of a museum in a community space, or visit an open store of collections.

Opening out the scope to include website visits and other museum services would give a more accurate picture.

2. Does the Technical Definition for this indicator have any unintended consequences?



a. What are the unintended consequences on this national indicator?
b. Can the unintended consequence be avoided?

If so, how?

By measuring the general attendance at museums and galleries in the local area there will be no division between those that are funded by local authorities and those that are independent.

Over half the museums in the UK are independent and do not receive either local or national funding. It will not be possible to see which of the museums in the local area are performing well and thus put measures in place to raise performances in the right areas.

Limiting the survey to 16+ ignores the impact museums are having on a major part of their audience, families and school children. Including these audiences will give a more accurate reflection of impact.

3. Will the Technical Definitions for this indicator work in practice?

Yes - but the data will have limitations (see above)

4. Is this indicator defined at the right spatial level?


Although people often travel between counties to visit museums and these visits are not being recorded.

5. Should data for this indicator be provided for any or all of the different equalities strands?

Sexual orientation

All of the above

a) For any boxes ticked at 5, is this information already gathered and/or reported and, if so, where? If not, what would be the estimated additional burden of collecting and reporting it?

This information is not already gathered but it should form part of the overall survey and thus not be a major additional burden or cost.

6. Further comments on the questions above and/or any other
comments that are not covered above questions.

The Museums Association is very encouraged that museums feature as one of the national indicators and that the wide-ranging impact of museums and galleries to a local area is being recognised.

Nichola Burdon, policy officer
Email: nikola@museumsassociation.org
Telephone: 020 7426 6954