In the Eyes of the Animal by Marshmallow Laser Feast and Abandon Normal Devices AND Festival 2015 Credit: Luca Marziale

Discover what the latest technology means for museums

Rebecca Atkinson, 14.06.2017
Places still available for MA’s digital festival
Delegates at the Museums Association’s (MA) forthcoming digital festival at the Museum of London will have the opportunity to try out a number of new digital tools and projects during the event.

Museum Tech 2017: A Digital Festival For Museums, which takes place on the 29 June, will explore how technology can be used in many diverse areas of museum practice.

There will be a number of exhibitors and demonstrations during the registration and lunch periods, including the Somali Museum in a Box, which uses Raspberry Pi technology, 3D printed objects and archival sound and images, to reinterpret and explore objects.

The Museum of London will be demonstrating Great Fire 1666, a virtual experience in the Minecraft computer game. A number of augmented reality experiences, including one developed for the White House Historical Association, will be available for delegates to try.

There will also be stands featuring new products from a number of suppliers, including Extensis, Guide ID, Surface Impression, Interspectral and Cyreal.

The conference features talks from a number of organisations developing technological tools for the museum and heritage sector, including Google Arts & Culture's Suhair Khan.

There will be practical talks and discussion on virtual reality, chatbots and free open-source software, which museums of any size can use to develop exciting digital projects.

Speakers for the day include:

  • Suhair Khan, the lead of Google Arts & Culture.
  • Gabrielle Jenks, the director of Abandon Normal Devices.
  • Foteini Aravani, a curator at the Museum of London.
  • Jon Pratty, the creative network programme manager at Ideas Test. 
  • Andrew Larking, the creative director at Deeson. 
  • Ronald Ashri, the technical director at Deeson.
  • Holly Gramazio, a game designer, the co-director of Matheson Marcault, and the director of the Now Play This festival.
  • Katherine Biggs, the lead digital project manager at Royal Museums Greenwich.
  • Jack Ashby, the manager of the Grant Museum of Zoology.
  • Rick Lawrence, the digital media officer at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery. 
  • Matthew Cock, the chief executive at VocalEyes.


Museum Tech 2017: A Digital Festival for Museums