What would you like to ask Alan Davey?

Patrick Steel, 13.12.2010
MA director to meet Alan Davey with your questions
Mark Taylor, the Museums Association’s director, is to meet with Arts Council England chief executive Alan Davey on Friday this week, and is encouraging members to inform the MA if there are any issues that they would particularly like him to raise at the meeting.

Taylor said: “At the meeting we will be discussing the transfer of the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council, and the best ways of ensuring the functions that matter to museums, such as the new Renaissance, museum development, the UK-wide functions of the MLA, and accreditation, are incorporated into ACE.

“If members have issues they feel the MA should be raising at this stage then they should comment below and I will raise them at the meeting.”

The meeting follows a separate meeting last week between Taylor and DCMS officials to discuss the transfer of the MLA.


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20.12.2010, 22:26
Thanks for asking the questions, Mark, that sounds positive.
Mark, Director, Museums Association
MA Member, MJ Subscriber, MP Subscriber
20.12.2010, 14:46
This wasn't negotiation it was discussion. Having finally signed the deal, ACE are in the early stages of working out what they can and cannot do. What follows are therefore entirely my own impressions of their thinking.

Firstly I should say that they are very positive and thoughtful. What ever we think should have happened, we need to give them support and encouragement as they try and marry our ambitions with a budget that it hugely reduced from that available to MLA.

To answer the specific questions:

• ACE understand the role of the Acquisitions, Export & Loans Unit and seem keen to retain it in its present form.

• I got the impression both the V & A Fund and Prism will be retained.

• They know that subject knowledge is an issue but the first step is to acquire museum expertise

• The extent of regional support is very much up in the air at the moment and depends on what decisions are made about 'New Renaissance'. Another factor is the major cuts ACE have to endure over the next 3 years.

• We can only know how archives fit in when we know which organisation is to oversee them.

• They do seem interested in the concept of a national strategy and how it might relate to their current strategy. The MA will be pressing them to take this on sooner rather than later
16.12.2010, 13:50
The UK is widely acknowledged as the best in the world for Govenment Indemnity, Accrediation, Immunity from Seizure and Spoliation/restitution resolution. We are naturally concerned that our leadership in these areas may be under threat. Can you explain the new arrangements for administering these activites and can you guarantee that our current high level of expertise will be retained?
13.12.2010, 22:34
1) What will happen to the V&A Purchase Grant Fund and PRISM Fund, which provide much-needed support and match-funding for non-national museums?
2) How will ACE approach museums that deal with distinctly non-arts subjects like science, industry, transport and medicine?
3) Will regional support for museums be subsumed into the current ACE regional model or handled separately?
4) The Designation scheme currently covers archives as well as libraries and museums; as strategic functions relating to archives will not be handled by ACE, what happens to Designation for archives?
5) Will ACE take forward the development of a national strategy for the museum sector, work begun by MLA but never satisfactorily concluded?