MA calls on museums to connect with MPs

Nicola Sullivan, 13.05.2015
Museums must raise awareness of their public value
Museum professionals in England have been urged to make the case for museums to MPs during the next parliament.

The Museums Association (MA) has urged its members to arrange a meeting with their local MP to ensure they are aware of the public benefit their organisation provides.

Raising awareness in this way is especially important in light of continued cuts to public funding said Alistair Brown, the MA’s policy officer.

The MA is also in the process of setting up meetings with the new secretary of state for culture, media and sport John Whittingdale and the new communities and local government secretary Greg Clark.

“We want to discuss the impact the funding situation is having on museums, as well as how existing funding can be better targeted to ensure the sustainability of the country’s museums”, said Brown. 

The MA believes it is particularly important for regional museums, which are often run by charities or local authorities, to ensure their MP understands the work they do with their communities and represents their needs in parliament.
Regional museums, said Brown, are also affected by the imbalance in cultural funding between London and the regions. He said: “Sadly, we continue to see politicians denying its existence. This is just one reason why we need to see a real strategy for museums in England from this government.”

Museum professionals that would like advice on arranging advocacy meetings with their MP can email Brown:


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Mary (Marette) Hickford
MA Member
Learning Activities Assistant, Historic Royal Palaces
16.05.2015, 10:21
Surely local MPs are already invited to museum events which are connected to governance and future strategies?