Creating unexpected conversations through Partnerships with Purpose

Yosola Olorunshola, 13.03.2019
Upcoming workshops to take place in London and Fife
Over the past month, the Museums Association’s (MA) Partnerships with Purpose pilot scheme has been seeking to deepen community engagement and create new forms of collaboration between museums and other civic networks.

Following successful events in Sheffield and Swansea, the final two workshops will take place at the Horniman Museum in London on 28 March and at Dunfermline Carnegie Library and Galleries in Fife on 25 April.

“The aim is to provide a forum for people to meet to achieve their own goals, find shared aims across sectors and identify ways to meet to achieve these aims,” said Amber Alferoff, Partnerships with Purpose project officer.

Previous events highlighted the mutual benefits of collaborating across sectors and communities. Ranging between conversations on wellness, shared power and responsibility, and opportunities to embrace the outdoors, the events were designed to rethink assumptions about community identity.

In Swansea, participants discussed a new ethos for partnerships, built on the idea that decisions on which partners to work with should be based on "what matters to them" rather than "what's the matter with them". For example, members developed ideas for a creative writing group for people affected by substance abuse, or a scheme to engage young people in garden activities.

The Sheffield event was attended by the lord mayor Magid Magid, the city’s youngest mayor and a former Somali refugee, who arrived at the event and spotted his former youth worker – an unexpected reminder of how local community can work. 

If you are interested in attending the events in London and Fife, please get in touch to secure your place:

Partnerships with Purpose is sponsored by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation’s Explore and Test fund and will be professionally evaluated.