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MGS outlines restructure plans

Geraldine Kendall, 12.03.2012
MGS will transition into national development body to deliver Scotland's museum strategy
Museums Galleries Scotland (MGS) has released further details of its new organisational structure as it adapts to become the national development body charged with delivering Scotland’s national museum strategy.

The organisation is due to begin a period of transition in April and its new role will be formally established later this year.

In a statement, MGS said: "There will be a move towards increased partnership working through a stronger focus on exchange of best practice and skills with the sector, and a strategic commissioning and contracting approach to delivery.

"In the light of this new remit and the new skills and expertise needed to make the transition to the national development body, all roles in the organisation have been reviewed.

"At its top level the new structure highlights investment and enterprise, research and development and communications and relationships.”

Recruitment is underway for a number of new roles, including head of investment and enterprise and corporate development officer. Vacancies for a relationship and development manager and a research analyst will shortly be advertised.

The organisation is to maintain charitable status and will reduce subscriptions for its services by 10% during the first year of transition. It will keep its current funding remit and continue to manage the Accreditation and Recognition schemes.

Joanne Orr, chief executive officer of MGS, said: “The transition structure has been informed by the responses from the sector throughout the consultations to develop the national strategy.

"This has been a demanding time for MGS and I commend the professionalism of our staff throughout these past months as we move through these changes, continuing to serve the sector and develop and national strategy."

A general meeting will be held next month to outline how representatives from the Scottish museum sector can apply for election to the new MGS board.

The national strategy is in its final stages of development and will be launched at the end of March, along with a draft plan outlining how it will be delivered.

MGS will then stage a series of roadshows to engage museums with the strategy and to refine the delivery plan, before a final delivery plan is launched later in the year.

The organisation moved to new premises at Waverley Gate in Edinburgh earlier this week.


We wrote that a general meeting was due to take place on 23 March. This has been rescheduled and MGS will release a revised date shortly.


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MA Member
02.04.2012, 14:29
As a museums professional, I recently read this so-called strategy for museums in Scotland, and was dismayed at the fluffy idealism contained therein. Apart from Museums Galleries Scotland now not being a membership-led organisation speaking for EVERY museum in Scotland (with the increasing emphasis on the nationals evident in every copy of the Museums Journal), this pile of fluff-speak designed by museum-politicians does nothing for the sector other than tell us what we already know - we have to do more for less. What should have been fought for right from the beginning is for museums to be a statutory requirement in local authorities, and then maybe politicians will begin to take seriously the wonderful opportunities offered by museums for every member of every community. Although one should never assume, I can't help but think that the views of museum professionals who took part in the consultation paper have been almost completely ignored. I am disheartened and saddened by the whole thing.