Culture secretary Maria Miller has not yet indicated if the DCMS cuts will be passed on

Autumn Statement signals further £25m cuts for DCMS

Geraldine Kendall, 11.12.2013
Budget to be reduced by 1.1% per year from 2014 to 2016
The chancellor George Osborne’s Autumn Statement last week signalled further cuts of 1.1% to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) budget in 2014/15 and 2015/16.

This will mean a reduction of £13m next year and £12m the following year. It is not yet clear whether these departmental cuts will be passed on to DCMS-funded organisations.

Arts Council England (ACE) said in a statement: “As yet we have no indication how much, if any, of the 1% cut will be passed on to the arts council and we await advice from the DCMS in this respect.”

The Museums Association’s director Mark Taylor said: “One hopes that the cut is not passed onto museums but, at the same time, DCMS has been decimated by the cuts and is woefully understaffed. What is more frustrating is the constant salami slicing - I thought ministers used to call that unstrategic?”

But the arts council said it was "encouraged" by the chancellor’s specific reference to the economic impact of the creative and cultural industries in his statement, which read: “The creative industries not only make a valuable cultural contribution to the UK, they are also an important part of a dynamic and diversified economy.”

The government has committed £16m in industry match-funding to support creative, digital skills in the UK and £15m to support innovative digital media content.

The Autumn Statement also announced the introduction of a new social investment tax relief from April 2014, which aims to encourage individuals to invest in social organisations such as charities, community interest companies and community benefit societies.

ACE chair Alan Davey said: "Arts organisations are charities which have a strong connection to their communities and these breaks offer interesting opportunities for the sector. We are examining how we might help arts organisations access more social investment in the future.”

The statement also confirmed a 50% increase in funding for the government’s GREAT campaign, which aims to make emerging international markets and overseas visitors aware of the UK’s educational, tourism and cultural opportunities.


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12.12.2013, 12:30
When you slice salami, do you decimate it? Cliches are us...