Robert Gemmell Hutchison's Seagulls and Sapphires was sold by Bolton Council last year for £120,000. (c) Bolton Council.

Deadline approaching for Due Diligence consultation

Geraldine Kendall, 11.07.2012
A chance to have your say on draft ethical guidelines for disposal by sale
The 30 July deadline is fast approaching for responses to the MA’s consultation into new Due Diligence guidelines for disposal by sale.

The MA has drafted the new guidelines to help museums behave ethically when they are considering selling items from their collections and to support practitioners who are directed to sell items or collections for financial gain by their governing body.

The guidelines set out all the things you need to think about and who you should consult. They’ve been written up by Janet Ulph, professor of commercial law at Leicester University, as part of a fellowship at the MA funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

The Ethics Committee has overseen Ulph's work and the guidelines are being produced in cooperation with Arts Council England, CyMAL, the Northern Ireland Museums Council and Museums Galleries Scotland.

We’re particularly interested in your responses to these questions:

Is anything missing from the draft guidelines?

Will they be helpful because they aim to be comprehensive or are they too complicated?

Download the draft guidelines here (word)

Tell us your thoughts below or send a written response before Monday 30 July to Janet Ulph:

Please specify if you want your response to remain anonymous.

The deadline for responses is 30 July 2012.