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MA launches second annual cuts survey

Geraldine Kendall, 11.04.2012
Survey will allow year-on-year comparisons
The Museums Association has launched its second survey into the impact of government and local authority cuts on museum services across the UK.

The 2012 survey aims to establish a comprehensive overview of the impact of funding cuts on all aspects of museum activity. Museums of every size and type are invited to submit a response before the closing date on 30 April.

The data will be compared with the results from the MA's first cuts survey in 2011, providing the sector with an insight into the year-on-year effects of budget reductions.

In 2011, 53% of museums who responded had experienced budget cuts. One fifth of all respondents reported a cut of 25% or more to their budget, resulting in significantly reduced staff, opening hours and events programmes.

Overall, the survey showed that there was considerable uncertainty over the future of museums and 66% of museums felt that the quality of service they would be able to provide in the coming year would decrease.

The 2012 survey will also ask museums to look ahead to the coming year to see how the museum landscape is changing and how museums are planning to react to budgetary changes.

Maurice Davies, the MA’s head of policy, said: “I urge museums to complete the survey, to give as full a picture as possible of the impact of cuts to museums. The more museums complete the survey, the stronger the case the MA will be able to make.”

The deadline for responses is 30 April.

Please click here to take part in the cuts survey