Transformers participants

Transformers' projects break new ground

Patrick Steel, 11.02.2015
MA programme fosters new ways of thinking
The Museums Association's (MA) Transformers initiative, aimed at those in mid-career and designed to foster new ways of thinking in museums, has seen the launch of a number of innovative projects.

Caroline Cutmore, the sales and ticketing manager at the Royal Collection Trust, is developing a training company called Creative Transactions to help museums change the way they work to generate more income, and giving practical advice on commercialising activity without compromising your museum’s integrity.

Cutmore is looking for individuals, departments and museums interesting in trialling the training. If you or your museum is interested, please email the MA's Transformers project manager Jess Turtle:

Other Transformers participants include Brendan Carr, the community engagement curator at Reading Museum, who has been developing a rolling programme of co-curated community displays, underpinned by his learning on the Transformers programme.

This has led to Reading Museum's exhibition Hidden Voices, shedding light on the town’s place in the story of homosexual oppression throughout the centuries.

And Helen Barker, assistant director, engagement and participation, at Beamish, has been working to open up the museum's development to community participation through the Nominate Your House project.

Turtle said: "We are really pleased with the initiative shown by the Transformers participants.

"Caroline Cutmore's approach to encouraging and enabling ethical commercialism across all departments within museums is one that we hope will benefit the sector as the need to generate more earned income continues to increase.

"And Helen Barker and Brendan Carr have succeeded in embedding a participative ethos at their organisations, changing the way their museums develop projects with their local communities.

"We are extremely grateful to Transformers' funders, Arts Council England, Cymal: Museums Archives and Libraries Wales, and Museums Galleries Scotland for making this initiative possible."

Transformers is supported by CyMAL, Arts Council England and Museums Galleries Scotland:

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